HR Strange But True

The Conflicting Perceptions of Millennials

A new survey paints a very conflicting picture between how HR pros view Millennials (aged 19 to 26) and how the young workers view themselves.

Here are a few examples:

Are Millennials Tech-Savvy? A majority of HR professionals (86 percent) said yes, while only 35 percent of Millennials felt they were tech-savvy.

Are Millennials Team Players? Just over half of Millennials (60 percent) thought they would work well with a team. But only 22 percent of HR professionals believed this age group would make good team players.

Do Millennials Have Strong Interpersonal Communication Skills? Sixty-five percent of Millennials say they relate well to others, while only 14 percent of HR professionals thought young workers are strong communicators.

Are Millennials Hard Workers? Most Millennials (86 percent) identified themselves as hard workers, a perception not shared by HR pros, with only 11 percent believing Millennials would work hard.

Are Millennials Able to Lead? Only 9 percent of HR pros say that this age group had the ability to lead. Millennials were more confident in themselves, with 40 percent identifying themselves as leaders.

Are Millennials Loyal to Employers? In general, Millennials perceive themselves as being loyal to an employer (82 percent). However, only 1 percent of HR professionals believe this to be true.

This national survey gathered responses from 6,000 jobseekers and veteran HR professionals.

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