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How Training Can Help New Supervisors

The information in this issue is adapted from the Ask the Trainer feature on BLR’s®.

The training question is, “How can HR help newly promoted supervisors and managers make a smooth transition from coworker to supervisor?”

Here is how our training expert responded:

“The first thing is to figure out how to convey your message in the language of the new supervisor,” says Management Consultant Mike Deblieux ( “Don’t focus on technicalities and details.” For example, if you’re training supervisors on the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), they don’t need to become experts on the law. They do need a thorough understanding of their responsibility under the law (i.e., to put an employee in touch with HR if they learn that an employee may need some time off for his or her own medical concerns or those of a family member).

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It’s also important for a new manager or supervisor to gain the respect of former coworkers, who are now subordinates. “The new manager has to come into the role and be seen as a new leader,” he says. Deblieux recommends that new managers rearrange their offices right away. This sends a subtle message to employees that the office is now the new supervisor’s space and that he or she is in charge.

Deblieux says new managers can also gain respect by dressing “one step above their workers” and build credibility by asking for input from workers before making decisions. “Supervisory rule number one is that you’re better off to ask questions than make a decision 99 percent of the time,” he says.

In addition to establishing a good rapport with subordinates and the boss, new supervisors need to develop a strong relationship with other supervisors, according to Deblieux. He says it’s also important for new supervisors to learn to prioritize their work (since a supervisor’s work is never done) and to understand the need to “address problems earlier rather than later.” For example, if tardiness is a big concern, a supervisor shouldn’t wait until the fifth time an employee is late to address the problem. He or she needs to understand that it should be addressed the first time.

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