HR Strange But True

The Workplace Accident Seen Live by Millions

Sure, your workers suffer accidents on-site, but you probably have never seen one actually happen. Well, countless people just witnessed a workplace accident—on live TV. Sure, the “worker” could have been wearing personnel protective equipment, but it would have taken the festive nature out of the holiday happening.

Celebrity chef and Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis was appearing on the channel’s Thanksgiving Live special, along with food fan favorites Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, and Ina Garten, when she cut into  her finger right in front of viewers while slicing into her famous “turkey porketta.”  Good chefs do keep their knives sharp.

While blood poured from her finger and she seemed to turn pale, she applied pressure to the cut while she kept chatting with Ina Garten, according to reports. Whispering to staffers that the cut was serious, she was whisked off to get medical attention while the others carried on, later to return with a bandage on her hand. Giada later posted a picture of the cut on Instagram.

On the September 25 TODAY show, Giada said that she had cut into her nail bed and that the injury was still throbbing.

According to, when employees face hazards to hands or fingers, including the possibility of serious cuts and abrasions, they should use hand protection, which can consist of protective gloves, arm coverings or elbow-length gloves, or finger guards. Protective gloves for cuts can be fabric or coated fabric, leather, canvas, or metal mesh.

We just can’t see the elegant Chef De Laurentiis wearing extensive PPE on her next holiday special.  While the prospect of another serious injury or a run in with OSHA would be worrisome, even more terrifying would be her Kevlar gloves critiqued by Joan Rivers on “Fashion Police.”