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Only Thing You Did Wrong? Bad Hire

In yesterday’s Advisor, attorney Mark Schickman looked into his HR crystal ball for a look at 2014. Today, more of his survival tactics for the coming year, plus notice of a free webinar, Don’t Fear the Future: 5 Keys to Raise Your HR and Game in 2014 and Beyond.

In many of the situations he experiences, Schickman says, the employer only did one thing wrong—it hired the wrong person. All the policies were in place and were followed, all the appropriate training was done, but more care was needed in the hiring process. (Schickman was the keynoter at the Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, held recently in Las Vegas.)

Rely on your observations and listen to that little voice, says Schickman. Don’t trust some “magic bullet” software to make hiring decisions.

Schickman reminds HR managers about Mel Kleiman’s “eagles and turkeys” analogy: You want to hire eagles, but, unfortunately, turkeys can act like eagles during the interview.

Time for a Redesign?

Early in the year is a good time to take a look at whether your workplace needs a redesign, says Schickman. For example:

  • Are your job descriptions geared to current needs and talents?
  • Do jobs respond to current needs?
  • Do you provide the right technical tools to do the job?

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What About Retention?

Retention becomes a major problem when average tenure is 1.5 years, says Schickman. What can you do?

  • Provide good supervision and coworkers.
  • Ensure that there is opportunity for growth.
  • Develop a recognition program.
  • Treat employees with respect.

Ask yourself, why should an employee stay? According to Forbes, Schickman says, employees want:

  • Stability
  • A future
  • Compensation and health benefits
  • Motivation
  • Feeling that they are part of the mission
  • Respect
  • Gratification
  • Work/Life balance
  • Flexibility

As for benefits, employees want:

  • Ability to use vacation
  • Guilt-free sick leave
  • Telecommuting on occasion
  • Training and development
  • Flexible schedules

What Are the Keys to Success?

Schickman says:

  • Don’t make hiring mistakes.
  • Revamp needed skill sets.
  • Maintain solid legal compliance. (Don’t try to be tricky, like calling your employees independent contractors, says Schickman.)
  • Give your employees what they want.
  • Adapt to multigenerational differences.
  • Make benefits packages appealing.
  • Engage in leadership development.
  • Provide motivation, empathy, and leadership.
  • Get needed skills, keep needed experience.

Finally, in 2014, flexibility and life/work balance will rule, says Schickman.

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While most of us with busy and chaotic jobs in HR are busily trying to get 2013 closed up—you know, get the year-end payroll balanced, hire before the headcount budget disappears, while crossing your fingers that no one got up to no good at the company holiday party—there were some remarkable developments in the consumer, business, and economic arenas that you might have missed.

Amazon introduced us to the concept of package delivery via a fleet of drones. Google wants to put a self-driving car in your driveway (so you can chat to your friends over Google Glass instead of cursing at the other drivers). And Rethink Robotics wants to supply you with your new office-mate, an eight-foot tall, fully articulated, and happy industrial robot named Baxter. Meanwhile, the workforce is getting older, entire industries are worried about finding the talent they need, and EVERYONE is fighting over the same superstar technical workers.

But you are a progressive HR, recruiting, or talent management pro (that’s why you’re reading this), and you know that in order to help drive your organization boldly into the future, (and make yourself look like some kind of combination guru/rockstar/ninja, you’ve got to stay ahead of the rest of the pack. 

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You already get that the key to winning in 2014 (and beyond) is probably not going to be found in creating a better PTO request approval workflow, but you might not yet had the time and the bandwidth to think more deeply and creatively about how to leverage these changes in your organization and for your career.

That’s why Silkroad created their latest webcast—Don’t Fear the Future: 5 Keys to Raise Your HR and Game in 2014 and Beyond. Join us for this webcast, and we’ll give you a quick look at what these trends will mean for our work and workplaces, and more importantly, share some creative ideas about how to apply them to your HR and talent practice (and make you look like some kind of clairvoyant in the process).

So make plans now to get your 2014 started in the right way – by getting your creative juices flowing and thinking about how your organization can be ready to win the future!
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By participating in this free webcast, you’ll learn all about:

  • Wearable Technology
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  • In Data We Trust
  • The answer is Video
  • Co-existing with the Robots

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