HR Strange But True

Why No Wi-Fi? New Workplace Sensitivity Issue to Worry About

Is modern technology making you ill? You may want to vacation to this Wi-Fi-free small town in West Virginia to unplug and detox.

The Daily Mail recently wrote about the small U.S. town, Green Bank, where Wi-Fi is banned. The “Quiet Zone” was established to protect a nearby telescope from interference.

There are a handful—around 30—of “Wi-Fi refugees” who have relocated to escape the signals they say cause headaches, burning skin, and other symptoms.

The condition is called Electromagnetic Sensitivity.

With forecasts all touting technology as the future of work, you may be wondering how businesses in this “disconnected” town are faring. If you’re interested, NPR interviewed one employer, an owner of a ski resort, to see how he has adapted his business model to comply in the Quiet Zone.