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Lack of Chemical Training Leads to Tragic Accident

Hazardous wastes need special handling. Failure to do so can result in tragedy.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited a hazardous waste treatment facility and levied heavy fines in the wake of a tragic fire and explosion. The incident killed one worker and severely burned another. The agency did not hold back in its reaction to the employer’s “complete disregard for employees’ safety and health.”
According to OSHA, the company failed to recognize hazards and train employees on the potentially dangerous interactions between materials being handled and tools in use.
The cause of the fire and explosion was the ignition of an industrial filter cartridge filled with sodium chlorate. The likely source of the ignition was an electrically powered reciprocating saw.
OSHA defended its heavy citations, noting that even after the incident, which took place late last year, the company did not take steps to ensure that employees knew how to handle hazardous waste and how to use appropriate PPE.
The company was fined more than $300,000 and placed in OSHA’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program (SVEP). The SVEP focuses on employers that endanger workers by committing willful, repeat, or failure-to-abate violations.

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It’s your responsibility to establish safe chemical handling rules and to ensure employees understand and follow them. Here are some general rules workers who may come in contact with hazardous waste should follow:

  • Follow all established rules, and perform job duties as you’ve been trained.
  • Be cautious and plan ahead, thinking about what might go wrong.
  • Use required personal protective equipment (PPE), and inspect it carefully before each use.
  • Make sure all containers are properly labeled.
  • Read labels and safety data sheets (SDSs).
  • Never eat or drink while handling hazardous materials.
  • Store all materials properly, separating those that are incompatible and keeping materials in ventilated, dry, cool areas.

But there’s a lot more workers need to do and need to know. That’s where we can help.

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The DVD includes:

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  • Safe Chemical Handling
  • Respiratory Protection
  • HAZWOPER: On-Site Safety Considerations
  • Hazardous Waste Emergency Response
  • HAZWOPER: Facility Operations
  • HAZWOPER: First Awareness Level
  • HAZWOPER: Medical Surveillance Program
  • Understanding Chemicals Under GHS
  • PPE for Emergency Response
  • HAZWOPER: Donning/Doffing/Decontamination
  • Hazardous Materials Spill Cleanup
  • Working Safely with Flammable Liquids
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Emergency Action and Fire Prevention

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