Train Leaders to Maximize Their Resources

Now that you’ve convinced top management that leadership training is worthwhile for your managers, supervisors, and high performers, you need the right content for training. The first skill great leaders learn, for example, is how to manage all the resources at their disposal, including personal, human, technical, informational, and perhaps most important, time.

In this issue, we give you valuable techniques for maximizing resources that you can teach your leaders.


  • Honestly assess what you’re best at (technical? motivation?).
  • Do what you do best whenever possible.
  • Seek ways to turn weaknesses into strengths (courses? more attention?).
  • Delegate your weaker areas to employees who have proven ability in those areas.


  • Hire and assign employees based on their proven abilities.
  • Encourage employees to build on their strengths with practice, courses, etc.
  • Work with employees to overcome their weaknesses with demonstrations, buddies, coaching, courses, etc.
  • Maintain relationships throughout the organization to stay up-to-date on available talents.
  • Work with other supervisors and managers to share and build on personal and team member abilities.

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Technical and Informational

  • Try to obtain the most efficient equipment for the job.
  • Avoid assuming that the newest or most expensive is the best.
  • Provide employees with the training and practice to make the most of their resources.
  • Identify opportunities to benefit from equipment or information used or developed elsewhere in the organization.


  • Identify and eliminate time wasters such as surfing the Web, meetings with no clear agenda, long lunches, reports nobody reads.
  • Ask employees to suggest time wasters they feel could be eliminated or reduced.
  • Make completing tasks on time one of the criteria by which employee performance is judged.
  • Develop priority lists for your own tasks and have employees do the same.
  • Stick with your lists as you go through the workday.
  • Delegate tasks when an employee has the talent or interest to do it faster and better than you.

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