Job Descriptions

Harnessing Technology to Manage JDs and Talent Management

Yesterday’s Advisor featured consultant Gordon Medlock’s tips for managing job descriptions in today’s integrated environment. Today, the need to link the JDs to your Integrated Talent Management (ITM) program.


Talent management won’t work without the technology required to support it, says Medlock, who is Senior Talent Management Consultant with HRIZONS. Tech support should provide:

  • Management of large amounts of data related to job description content.
  • Ability to automate and streamline processes to create, edit, and approve jobs and job descriptions.
  • Easy access for new hires and employees to acknowledge job descriptions.
  • Integration of job‐specific competencies, skills, and other criteria with relevant ITM processes and applications.
  • Determining what JD content will populate such documents as:
    • Job postings
    • Information forms for candidates
    • Performance review forms
    • Career management documents
    • Talent reviews
    • Succession planning
    • Other related documents and uses

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Brown suggests that several factors aid the success of a new job description program. He says that JDs must be:

  • Written to support the full suite of talent management processes, not only recruitment and compensation, as is typically done.
  • Managed in an online JD management system.
  • Easily accessible to employees and line managers for ongoing performance and talent management.
  • Available to managers and HR professionals to build, revise, approve, and manage content.

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