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HR Daily Advisor Top 10

Here’s a list of the top 10 posts on the HR Daily Advisor website this year.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day from the HR Daily Advisor staff.


10 Sins of Well-Meaning Supervisors

Sometimes it seems as though there are a thousand ways supervisors and managers—with the best of intentions—can practically beg for a lawsuit. We’ve distilled it down into 10 major sins you can talk to your supervisors about (and you might as well include your managers).




4 More Sins Your Supervisors and Managers Are Guilty of

In yesterday’s Advisor, we featured the first six sins of supervisors. Today, sins 7 through 10, plus an introduction to the all-things-HR-in-one website,®.



Chronic Conditions—Frustrating, Annoying? Yes, But You Must Accommodate

One of the most challenging tasks in HR is dealing with lifelong illnesses or chronic conditions under the FMLA and ADA. But you have no choice, says Attorney Patricia Eyres.



Hiring & Recruiting

Form I-9s—Still a Hassle and Audits Are Heating Up

Immigration is a hot issue, and that means increased scrutiny of Employment Eligibility Verification Forms (more commonly known as a Form I-9). Attorney Roger Tsai clarified employer responsibilities at BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium held recently in Las Vegas.




Handbook Not Enough–You Must Train Supervisors

Yes, you have handbooks, but you need to train to be sure your supervisors know the material provisions of your policies and rules, says attorney Mark Schickman. And they need to understand that policies must be fairly and consistently applied.


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HR Policies & Procedures

Inconsistency and Retaliation—Lawsuit Magnets

Yesterday’s Advisor discussed laying the groundwork for firing; today, the dangers of inconsistency and retaliation, plus an introduction to the unique guide just for smaller—or even one-person—HR departments.



HR Management

Only Thing You Did Wrong? Bad Hire

In yesterday’s Advisor, attorney Mark Schickman looked into his HR crystal ball for a look at 2014. Today, more of his survival tactics for the coming year, plus notice of a free webinar, Don’t Fear the Future: 5 Keys to Raise Your HR and Game in 2014 and Beyond.



HR Policies & Procedures

New AA Regs Puzzle and Mystify

Some organizations have decided that the new affirmative action regulations will be so burdensome that they are working their way out of contractor status, says attorney David Fortney. “We’re tired of being hassled,” they say, and they are wrapping up their government contracts.


HR Policies & Procedures

Firing: Lay the Groundwork … or Else

The list of dangers that employers face in firing employees is seemingly endless. How can you safely fire a poor performer who’s pregnant, who’s on medical leave, or who just filed a workers’ compensation claim? What about the employee with the perpetually bad attitude who also happens to be trying to organize your workforce or complaining about discrimination?



Crimson Tide’s Coach Offers Seven Lessons for Every Manager

Some of you might get tired of my use of sports stories to illustrate good management, says business and leadership blogger Dan Oswald, but when I see something like the recent 60 Minutes piece on University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban, I’m struck by the parallels between coaching a sport and managing people.