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Five Ways HR Can Leverage Coaching in the Organization

By Glenn Laumeister

You’re an HR leader and you want to improve your organizational performance, create happier and more engaged employees, reduce turnover, or just figure out how to get more done in your company without stressing everyone out.

Consider these five points when thinking about how a coach can help:

1. Coaches provide specialized services
HR rarely has the time or expertise to discover, quantify, and address the core issues of an organization, so that’s where coaches come in. From high-performance leadership training, sales training, and compliance and diversity training, to coaching for communication and interpersonal issues, to organizational design and restructuring, coaches can supply these specialized services based on the exact needs of the business.

2.Coaches provide impartial and objective solutions
Good coaches can partner with company leaders to provide the fresh and objective insights they need to make strategically effective decisions. Long-term coaches help implement new programs that become a regular part of the how an organization goes about achieving its goals.

3.Coaches show employees that you care
According to Gallup, 70% of U.S. workers are disengaged, claiming that they lack enthusiasm for their jobs. That’s a big problem. Bringing a coach to the workplace will help identify and surface employee engagement issues and begin fixing them. As an independent observer, coaches help get the conversation started and allow employees to voice their concerns to someone other than their boss.

4.Coaches can have an immediate impact
Quality coaches have specific training, proven methodologies, and bring a world of industry experience to all of their engagements. They’ve seen it all. This breadth of real-world experience enables them to hit the ground running, identifying and addressing your organization’s core challenges without lengthy studies required by large consulting firms that send in junior analysts to ask you tons of questions and waste your time.

5.Coaches are a cost-effective solution
Alright, you get it. Coaching is great. Now you’re wondering how much they cost. First, consider this: Research conducted by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and PwC found that the ROI of coaching for a company was 700%. This figure may seem astonishing at first, but the PwC/ICF study showed that coaching reduced employee turnover and training costs, in addition to increasing productivity and work quality. The good news is that it has never been easier to find high-quality coaches online

Trend in sourcing freelance professionals
The current trend that we are seeing is more and more HR leaders looking for ways to effectively source freelancers with very specialized skill sets for employee development, training, and engagement. A recent example of this is a client who was looking for a sales trainer who needed to have not only a background in software sales but, more specifically, experience training outside salespeople selling digital marketing suite products to CMOs.

Given this need for highly specific skill sets, it makes sense for HR to bring in outside specialists. There are some notable online sources that have recently come to market to fill this need and they have made sourcing these coaches and trainers significantly easier. These online marketplaces allow clients to source coaches by expertise, location, industry background and, yes, even price.

About Glenn Laumeister:
Glenn Laumeister is the founding CEO of venture-backed technology start-ups. He grew one of the fastest growing companies in the country and won the INC 500 award. He is also experienced in SaaS, software, supply chain, local market businesses, and pretty much anything that moves on the Internet.
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