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How Can Social Learning Benefit Your Company?

In yesterday’s Advisor, we heard from Randy Emelo and Becky Simeon, PhD, about the movement toward social learning and how it has dramatically changed corporate learning. Today, the positive effects of social learning systems.

Emelo and Simeon offered their tips at the HR Tech Conference, held recently in Las Vegas. Emelo is president of mentoring and collaboration software company River; Simeon is director, HP Global Performance Management.

Survey Says Yes

Simeon notes that the program not only feels good but it also shows positive business results. The results of one FY13 survey:


HP Survey Results



% Favorable

Finance Mentees

Finance Mentors

External Benchmark

Please rate your satisfaction with the open mentoring program.




Because of the open mentoring program, I have become more effective at my job.




The mentoring program demonstrates HP’s commitment to provide career options and opportunities.




I would recommend the finance open mentoring program to others.




For mentees only, please rate your satisfaction with your mentor(s).




After finance implemented the program, Simeon says, other units wanted it; it was the strong business case that made it an easy sell.

Let the program’s success drive its future, Emelo says. You don’t start out by saying, “We’re going to get rid of our LMS (Learning Management System).”

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Benefits from Social Learning Relationships

Here’s Simeon’s summary of the benefits of the program:

For the Learner

For the Advisor

For the Manager and the Organization

In-role and/or career development

Expanded influence and (informal) leadership opportunities

Increased talent development and organization capacity

  • Accelerates breadth and depth of development
  • Enhances professional network and interactions with senior leaders
  • Increases perspective and knowledge of different functions and career paths
  • Provides access to independent, objective perspectives
  • Provides access to subject matter experts in a sounding board


  • Drives self-awareness and leadership skills
  • Increases the ability to coach and develop others
  • Provides opportunity to share functional expertise
  • Increases networking opportunities and expands sphere of influence
  • Personal fulfillment from investing in others
  • Increases awareness of personal areas of improvement
  • Builds bench strength
  • Fosters a talent-centric culture focused on development
  • Drives employee engagement and motivation
  • Provides organizational context and increases awareness of talent throughout the organization
  • Builds deep expertise across the organization that gathers impactful business intelligence


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