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HR Assessments: Q&A with Lori Kleiman

In yesterday’s Advisor, Lori Kleiman, SPHR, presented her 7 steps to an effective HR assessment; today, the challenges of the HR function along with a brief Q&A with Kleiman.

HR is charged with many tall tasks—ensure compliance, boost retention and engagement, and align HR’s initiatives with the organization’s structure and underlying strategic mission. To be successful, HR must assess the organization’s current processes and overall structure to ensure that jobs are properly defined, departments are organized in a logical and effective way, and that organizational objectives are being met along the way.

Accept the Challenge

You can’t operate in a vacuum, but it can be a challenge to show how HR projects align with corporate goals and contribute to driving the organization forward. That’s where an HR assessment comes in. This strategic tool can help you ensure that HR is meeting the organization’s strategic goals and compliance needs!

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Q&A with Lori Kleiman

Kleiman, a Chicago-based business expert with more than 25 years of experience advising companies on HR issues, has supplied some frequently asked questions—and answers—to this HR topic.

Q: There is so much to the HR function. How do I know if I am doing everything right?

A: It is critical that HR professionals—and those responsible for the HR function—take time to step back and evaluate processes. This needs to be done for compliance, as well as for the analysis of processes that may be in place.

Q: How can I help our executives see the strategic value I bring to the organization?

A: Completing an HR assessment and then being strategic about your goals for the year is a great way to highlight the HR function and what you are adding to the attainment of the goals for the company. Be sure you are setting out goals that are important to the leaders and focused on driving your organization forward.

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