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This New Workplace Worry Could Be High on Your List

Everyone could see this coming—it was only a matter of time. And if it hits your workplace, it could be high on your New Year’s worry list.

It’s a new creation—the marijuana e-cigarette, otherwise known as the “e-joint.” What makes it a worry is that employees can potentially smoke weed at work, and no one would know they are violating several of your employment policies (and possibly the law).

Of greater concern is that the users of the device report that the effects from using these e-cigarettes are stronger than smoking a marijuana cigarette.

According to The Cannibist, these new e-cigarette cartridges contain cannabis oil mixed with a vegetable-based glycerin that keeps the oil evenly distributed in the cartridge.

These e-joints resemble the rechargeable vape pens, but they reportedly can be used even more discreetly, because they are reportedly odor-less. This is because the oil is vaporized and not burned. Vape pens, by contrast, produce a faint, quickly dissipating cannabis smell that someone close to the consumer might notice. What’s more, the new e-joints do not produce any smoke, making them virtually indistinguishable from a standard nicotine-based cartridge.

And since the product is not lighted, employees can quickly hide them in a pocket or drawer!

The federal Food and Drug Administration and state legislatures are considering addressing this new product, with Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller telling the Indiana Business Journal, “Let’s all be clear—e-cigarettes are a new drug-delivery device” for THC, marijuana’s active ingredient, and, potentially, other drugs.

So, what can ease your workplace worries? Consider implementing a policy where you remind your employees that:

  • Marijuana and any drug paraphernalia are prohibited from your facility.
  • Your state/county/city does not allow the use of e-cigarettes indoors or prohibits it wherever the use of tobacco cigarettes is banned.
  • Your company has a no-tolerance policy for drug use and bans the use of e-cigarettes at the workplace both indoors and outdoors.
  • Employees are prohibited from being impaired while at work.
  • Employees who think they have a problem with marijuana or drug use are encouraged to seek help through the company’s Employee Assistance Program.

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