Onboarding Infographic Charts Path for Success

In yesterday’s Advisor, we featured tips for recruiting’s final step, onboarding. Today, a helpful infographic from BambooHR to clarify onboarding programs and what makes them successful. Here’s the infographic:

In a small business, who you bring on board makes an even greater difference to your company’s bottom line. To make things more complicated, you have to compete with the bigger companies for the best candidates. How can you gain the edge to come out on top in the war for talent?
First, you may need to start with company culture—a small business needs passionate workers in order to attract high potential recruits, and 51 percent of employees think a major overhaul is currently needed in their culture. Learn what you can do now with the free white paper from BambooHR, How Small Businesses Can Win the Recruiting Battle.
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Recruit with confidence—regardless of your organization’s size. Find out how to revitalize your small business’s culture and attract top talent with the free report, How Small Businesses Can Win the Recruiting Battle. Learn More

When employees love a company, so do its customers. Beyond culture, though, there’s also your recruiting methods to consider. This free (thanks to sponsor BambooHR) best practices report is your first step in reexamining your process and optimizing it for your hiring needs.
You’ll learn:

  • Common signs that company culture stinks—and also signs that it rocks!
  • Things you can focus on—today—to improve your recruiting efforts
  • What to consider for your job listings
  • The role of technology in recruiting, and how to measure your results
  • And much more!

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