What Outsiders Say About You—Part of Your Employment Brand

Yesterday’s Advisor covered employment branding from the standpoint of the employer. Today, we present what outsiders contribute to your employment brand.

Check around to see what others say about you. Don’t forget websites that collect comments from workers and former workers ( for example). Sometimes these sites are “trash” sites. Still, it is interesting to know what is being said. If candidates are going to be reading these comments, you want to be ready to offer your version of the story.

‘Evil Sweatshop’?

For example, maybe the comments say that your workplace is an “evil sweatshop.” You might be ready to respond, “It’s true that we work hard here; we have a highly motivated team of achievers who work on exciting, cutting-edge development. But we also play hard, and we reward our workers very well, and you set your own hours and take time off whenever you want. If you’re looking for a workplace where the work is repetitive, slow, and deliberate, we’re probably not the place for you.”

  • Do a Google search about your company and about working there. What shows up?
  • What are current and former employees saying about you?

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The Application Process

Finally, check out your application practices and procedures.
Visit your site. Try to apply for a job. Try it from your home computer, your tablet, and your phone. The exercise could be revealing.

  • Is it clear how to apply?
  • Is it clear what jobs are open?
  • Are there easy ways to upload résumés and other supporting materials?
  • Are avenues of communication open and easily accessed?

“Apply-by-phone” is in the news these days, with some calling it a “must-have” feature. One advantage is that many people who don’t have easy access to a computer do have access to the Internet on their phones. But most phone applications systems are clumsy and difficult. Further, it’s often hard to upload a résumé from a phone. This is an issue you will have to face if you think you’re losing good applicants over it.

The Candidate Experience

Review your treatment of applicants.

  • What sort of response do inquiries get?
  • How are applicants treated?
  • Do you maintain contact regularly?
  • Do you encourage them to interact?

Review all advertising, posting materials, and any materials that you offer applicants or that they see if they visit your sites. Do they add up to an attractive package?

Give and Get Analysis

If your potential applicants do a “give and get’ analysis, what will they conclude? (Here’s what the company expects me to give; here’s what the company delivers in return.)
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