iCIMS Takes Top Honor in Customer Satisfaction

Yesterday’s Advisor presented rankings of recruiting software from G2 Crowd. Today, the infographic that displays the information graphically.

As was mentioned in yesterday’s issue, the grid ranks recruiting software on two scales, market presence and customer satisfaction. (Of course, these are not necessarily the two factors that will be priorities for your organization. For example, there may be specific capabilities or features that are more important to you than market presence.)

To be placed in the Leader category, a product must receive a high customer satisfaction score and have substantial market presence. As the graphic shows, LinkedIn Talent and UltiPro were named Leaders.
Those in the High Performers category have high customer satisfaction scores with a smaller market presence than Leaders. SilkRoad, iCIMS Recruit, Jobvite, Jobscience, and CATS were named High Performers. iCIMS Recruit earned the highest overall customer satisfaction score.

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Choosing recruiting software is a daunting task. This graphic may not provide the specific help you need, but it does represent a good way to go about evaluating your options. Define the features and capabilities you need, along with the characteristics of the software provider that are important, and start plotting on a grid. It may clarify your choices.
G2 Crowd, which styles itself as the world’s leading business software review platform, says that it leverages its nearly 30,000 user reviews to dri
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