You Must Communicate Effectively About Compensation

Yesterday, we got some insights from Chuck Csizmar of CMC Compensation Group about the importance of having a formal compensation strategy document at your organization. Today, we’ll look at the rest of his “Top 8” list of design considerations, plus some final strategies for success.

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#6: Internal Equity & Consistency

  • Will your strategy be consistent?
  • Will you balance or choose between internal vs. external?

#7: Communication & Involvement

  • How much program information will be disclosed?
  • HR vs. management responsibility for program design and ongoing administration
  • Policy toward employee representation

#8: Governance

  • Need for revision and competitive refresh
  • Frequency of review, and by whom?

How to Communicate Effectively with Employees

Csizmar recommends defining a theme to generate interest, and talking to employees rather than at them. Also, using multiple forms of media, talking points, and a Q&A format can help get points across. When in doubt, seek to avoid confusion and focus on understanding above all else.

Additionally, it can be helpful to break information down into small, bite-sized pieces to aid in comprehension and retention.

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Sample ‘MiniStatements’ to Convey Important Points

  • “Base salary will be targeted at the 50th percentile of the relevant competitive marketplace in which we compete.”
  • “Future salary increases will be based on an employee’s evaluated performance.”
  • “Benefit scheme provisions should be cost and tax effective to the company.”
  • “If individual performance does not meet objectives, monetary rewards will be reduced.”

This Is Not Easy Stuff!

Csizmar emphasizes that this process is far from easy. It can be hard to establish a consensus on what to do, and passive resistance is unfortunately the norm.

In order for your strategic compensation plan to succeed, you need to secure support from the top of the organization on down. Also, keep a close eye on the goals of your strategic compensation plan vs. the actual reality that is unfolding at your organization.

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