Alliance Management—Tour of Duty Template

In yesterday’s Advisor, Ben Casnocha, entrepreneur and cofounder of LinkedIn, shared his new vision for the employer/employee relationship: alliances for tours of duty. Today, a template for a tour of duty.

Casnocha, who offered his tips at the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Talent Management Conference and Exposition held recently in San Diego, is the author of The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age, cowritten with Chris Yeh and Reid Hoffman.

Template for a Transformational Tour of Duty

“A transformational tour is personalized. The focus is less on a fixed time period and more on the completion of a specific mission. It’s negotiated one-on-one by you and your employee. Most managers already spend a lot of time “managing” their people, but lack a rigorous framework for honest conversation and for defining specific expectations. The tour of duty framework lets you make this process structured and explicit, rather than vague and implied.

“The central promise of a transformational tour is that the employee will have the opportunity to transform both his career and the company.” —The Alliance, pp. 30–31

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Following is a simple template for a transformational tour of duty. Casnocha emphasizes that ongoing, high quality conversations—including career conversations—are the essence of the Alliance Framework. The template is a means to record the particulars of the conversations, and it needs to be kept current. It is absolutely acceptable for it to be a “living document” but only as a result of conversations, negotiations, and the spirit of mutuality: always be focused on transforming the company and the employee’s career, says Casnocha.

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Transformational Tour of Duty

Manager’s name:

Employee’s name:

Mission Objective:
What this mission will accomplish, both to transform the company and the employee’s career:

We expect the mission to last the following amount of time:

Results for the Organization
Successful and measurable results for the organization are:

Results for the Employee
Successful and measurable results for the employee are:

Next Steps
Identify anyone you need to talk to, or anything you need to do, before you can implement this Tour.

Additional Thoughts
Add here any additional information that will help make the tour successful.

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