Last Chance to Participate—HR Daily Advisor’s Employment Branding Survey!

Amazon.com® Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos put it best: “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Studies show that the best candidates want to work for a company they trust and believe in—but not much has been said about what organizations are actually doing in the real world to capitalize on this trend. Help shape the discussion!

Please participate in HRDA’s employment branding survey and see how what you are doing compares with what other successful companies are doing. Even if branding is new to you and your organization, our questions—and our survey’s results—may give you some ideas for the future.

Together, we can learn about important trends and practices in branding, including:

  • How many companies are devoting programs to both internal and external branding?
  • Who at the organization is typically responsible for such programs?
  • What role do prospective, high potential (HIPO), and alumni employees play in branding?
  • How are businesses monitoring their brand and reputation?
  • Which branding strategies are perceived as being most successful?

What’s being said about your organization when you’re not in the room? Participate in this brief survey and see how the employment branding programs at your company compare to those of other successful companies.

The survey takes only a few minutes to complete.

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To show our appreciation, we’ll send a free PDF of the survey results to all participants. (Be sure to include your contact information where prompted.)

No individual organization’s information will be shared. Only results in the aggregate will be sent to participants or used by BLR® for articles or in any other form of distribution.

More and more, engagement and retention are the watchwords of HR and compensation—and employment branding is key. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey—and make sure you’re competitive.

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Thank you for your valued input.

Dan Oswald

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