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Talent Management Dashboard Templates

Yesterday’s Advisor featured expert Jayson Saba’s tips for dashboards and scorecards for HR, including the first of his recommended templates. Today, the rest of the templates.

Saba, vice president of Market Strategy, Ceridian HCM, delivered his suggestions at the SHRM Talent Management Conference, held recently in San Diego.

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2. Talent Development

Objectives Base-line 1st Year 3rd Year
1. Increase the percent of employees who accomplish all of their development targets annually. XX 50% 75%
2. Increase the percent of employees who indicate satisfaction or high satisfaction with their development opportunities as measured by annual employee survey. XX 60% 80%
3. Staff training (% of staff completing new hire training within 90 days of hire) XX 90% 100%
4. Internal promotions (% of open roles filled internally) 30% 40% 50%
5. Professional development (% of staff utilizing tuition reimbursement program) 12% 20% 25%

3. Performance Management Objectives

Objectives Base-line 1st Year 3rd Year
1. Increase the percentage of employees for whom performance reviews have been completed and documented by the target date. XX 90% 100%
2. Increase the percentage of employees who achieve at least 80% of their annual performance targets. XX 70% 90%
3. Increase the percentage of managers who indicate that our compensation and performance management processes help align and maximize our people’s performance with the goals of the organization. XX 75% 90%

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4. Culture Objectives

Objectives Base-line 1st Year 3rd Year
1. Increase the percentage of employees who indicate that we have a positive work environment, as measured by staff survey. XX 80% 90%
2. Increase the percentage of employees who indicate that the majority of our employees live the values of our organization, as measured by staff survey. XX 65% 75%
3. Absence rate (# of days absent in month) XX XX XX

5. HR Service Delivery

Objectives Base-line 1st


3rd Year
1. Increase the percent of HR annual initiatives completed on time and within budget. 60% 80% 95%
2. Achieve internal customer satisfaction levels with HR services at above 85% as measured by annual survey. 50% of services above 85% 65% of services above 85% 85% of services above 85%
3. Overall revenue factor (revenue divided by total # of FTE). XX XX XX

Saba’s Takeaways

  • Be sure that there is a single source of TRUTH.
  • Start small, and drill down later.
  • Even if we don’t have the numbers, we can leave blanks at first.
  • Work with business leadership; the higher the better.
  • It doesn’t matter how/what we measure as long as:
    • The operational leaders of the business have bought into it, and
    • We measure it consistently.
  • Measure your data monthly, and report quarterly.
  • Tie your reporting to a business metric (e.g., revenue per employee).

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