Credentials? Sure, I Have Three Degrees (Wink, Wink)

Recruiters beware! Expert Jason Morris explains that it can be difficult to tell a genuine degree from one straight out of a diploma mill.

Morris, who is president of EmployeeScreenIQ in Cleveland, Ohio, started his discussion of background checking with a review of his degrees. His résumé lists three, a Bachelor of Arts from Kent State, a Master of Business Administration in Economics from Gordon University, and a Doctor of Arts in Criminology, also from Gordon.

He displays his diplomas:

My Second Degree—$295.00

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My Third Degree—$295.00

In fact, Morris’s degrees are supported by these transcripts:


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Doctor of Arts

Morris points out that only the first degree is “real.” The other two are from a “diploma mill.” These are difficult things to catch, he says. They are fake degrees, but there’s a fake accreditation body to back them up and an 800 number to call for verification.
Go online to LinkedIn, Morris says, and search to see how many people claim to have a degree from Almeda University. It was discredited about 7 years ago, but many still have those degrees on their résumés.

In tomorrow’s Advisor, Morris’ take on who is doing social media screening and where they do it.