More Untouchable Application Questions

Yesterday’s Advisor presented some undesirable employment application questions, including those that concern protected activity or reveal disability information. Today, consultant Bridget Miller shares more questions that your application shouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

AVOID: Questions That Could Appear to Discriminate Based on Aspects That May Be Covered by State Laws or Other Regulations

Here are some more examples of topics to avoid, becasue they may appear to be discriminatory or it may be illegal at the state level to query after them:

  • Marital status. This one should be obvious, but unfortunately it still bears repeating: There’s no need to ask questions that single out individuals of one gender, such as questions regarding an applicant’s familial status or questions about marriage and children. Asking such questions may appear to be discriminatory based on gender, since such questions do not relate to the individual’s ability to do the job—and in some states it is illegal to discriminate based on marital status. Questions about marital status (such as asking for a title Ms./Miss/Mrs., or asking for a maiden name) should be avoided.
  • Arrest records. Asking about arrests may or may not be illegal where you are, but it can appear to be discriminatory because it may inadvertently have a disparate impact on a protected class. Remember, arrest records are not the same as convictions—and even conviction information should only be included on an application if it is relevant to the job.
  • Sexual orientation. Questions about sexual orientation should be avoided, as it is regarded as a protected class in several states.
  • Height and weight. These questions can appear discriminatory if they’re not directly related to the ability to do the job—especially if they result in a disproportionate effect on one gender or national group.
  • Credit history. Questions about credit history—if not directly related to the job—may appear to be discriminatory because they may have a disparate impact on some groups. The same goes for questions about wage garnishment, bankruptcy, or home ownership. Financial questions are likely only permissible when directly related to the job—and this means only for a few select jobs.

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AVOID: Any Other Questions That Unnecessarily Require Disclosure of Private Information

These questions should be avoided primarily to protect an individual’s privacy and sensitive data. Before making a job offer, it’s not usually necessary to have an applicant’s Social Security number, for example. This might be necessary for some background checks, but it’s not necessary before an applicant has even made the short list. Asking for extra unnecessary information means the employer has even more personal data on hand that could be at risk if there are any security breaches.

It’s worth noting that some of the questions we’ve suggested to steer clear of will be necessary after an applicant becomes an employee. Birth date is a perfect example of something that will become necessary later—but it is not necessary during the hiring process, so an employer should not ask at that time.

Bear in mind that many of these questions are not illegal to ask; they’re simply not advised for any employer that wants to avoid the possibility of appearing discriminatory in hiring practices. However, if there is a legitimate business reason to ask a certain question, be sure to have that reason available.

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