Team Interviews for the Win: How to Make Them Really Work

In yesterday’s Advisor, we discussed the pros and cons of team interviewing. Today we’ll discuss how to diminish those cons so you can use team interviewing to its maximum potential.

As we discussed yesterday, one of the common problems with team interviewing is disagreement among team members concerning the candidate. Choosing how you will decide on a candidate before the interview helps to avoid this problem. And, you have a few choices.

Requiring a consensus in order to hire a candidate can help appease all members of a team, but it can also slow down the process in the event of a disagreement. Alternatively, majority vote pleases most of the people most of the time, but narrow victories can leave just less than half your team unsatisfied.

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A second alternative, ranking, sometimes makes the most sense. In this system, each candidate is ranked by each team member, and the candidate with the highest ranking wins. This method allows each team member to grade their decision from highest to lowest and helps the team have a runner up on hand should the primary candidate not pan out.

A Little Training and Coordination Makes Team Interviews a Powerful Tool

As we have seen, team interviews can provide some really great bonuses to your hiring efforts, but there are some pitfalls, too. Train your employees to capitalize on those bonuses while avoiding the pitfalls, and your team interviews will really take off.

Take some time before the interview to plan it out, it can go a long way. Here are some basic tips for better coordinating your team interviews:

  • Make use of every team member’s unique strengths. Make sure that every team member has a unique reason for being at the interview. Plan out what each person will cover in the interview ahead of time. It’s best if their strengths don’t overlap too much.
  • Consider the whole. The unique strengths that each team member brings to the table should add up to something that best represents the company. Consider each member to be a facet of the whole gem; that gem is your company’s message. It can be bad for everyone if team members contradict the brand and vision of the company. 
  • Give everyone time to speak. People need to be able to express what they bring to the interview. Coordinating a strategy that includes every member of the team is the easiest way to ensure you are making the best use of everyone’s time.

It can be tough getting into the swing of things when you are not used to conducting team interviews. A little patience, some planning, and a bit of practice can really help when it comes to selecting the right candidate for the job.

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    • What’s the right size for a team interview?
    • How can you get everyone to agree about what they’re looking for in a good candidate?
    • How do you handle over-powering employees that monopolize the interview?
    • What are the drawbacks of using your team in the interview process?
  • How to prepare and initiate a discussion that will demonstrate the interviewee’s strengths and ability to work with a group
  • The importance of having everyone on your team focused and present—no texting or looking at their laptops while the interview is ongoing
  • Getting feedback from the team—everyone has a say!
  • How to put it all together and assess the results of your interview, so you can feel confident in your decision to hire, or not to hire
  • And much more!

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