The Role of HR In Compensation Decisions

Today, we’re continuing our coverage of highlights from the results of the BLR® 2015–2016 Pay Budget Survey. Full survey results are available to our® subscribers on the website.

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HR Wears Many Hats When It Comes to Raises

Though 18.2% of survey participants play no role in setting raises at their organization, HR wears many hats when it comes to setting raises.

For example, 44.2% of survey participants who answered this question help supervisors with tough pay decisions, and 48.2% play a major role in deciding the companywide level for raises. Each department’s raises are reviewed by 35.6%, and 24.2% approve each employee’s salary increase.

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Each employee’s raise is determined by 13.1% of participants, and 19.5% review individual raises but have no veto power. For 16.7%, a pool amount is given to managers to use at their discretion.

How Are Participants Using Compensation to Boost Retention

To address employee retention problems, 60% evaluate their pay scale/rate range levels to ensure market competitiveness and 24.5% evaluate employees for flight risk, addressing pay issues at the individual employee level. No compensation-related problems are the norm for 17.8% of survey participants.

2016 Challenges on the Horizon

Many wage-related issues are on the horizon for survey participants by the end of 2015. For example, trying to keep up with competitors’ wage rates will be a concern for 26.8%, and dealing with budget constraints will be an issue for 20.8%, while rising benefits costs will be a problem for 4%. The economy continues to be a hurdle for 3%, and a potential funding shortfall may cause difficulty for 2.2%.

Addressing employee expectations may be difficult for 3%; achieving internal equity could be a concern for 2.7%; a shrinking labor pool may create problems for 2.7%; and recruiting and/or retention will be a struggle for 8.4%. Managing pay for performance plans will be an issue for 2.5%, and getting management approval for pay increases and/or bonuses looks to be a challenge for 2.2%, while no raises are on deck for 1.5%.

A higher minimum wage is expected to be an issue for 4.7%, pay compression is a potential problem for 4.4%, and the recently proposed overtime rules may become a concern for 1.9%.

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