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Look Behind the Credentials: How to Find Candidates with Multiple Skillsets

By Julie Long, Scout Staffing

When reviewing candidates’ credentials to fill open positions, the first instinct of many recruiters or HR professionals is to look at the candidate’s previous job titles. This can be a grave misstep because titles are often misleading.

For example, titles like Field Engineer or Systems Administrator may not imply the full extent of the candidate’s experience working with others. While technical-sounding, candidates with these titles often work alongside staff and clients on a consistent basis.

Similarly, an applicant with consulting experience – for example, experience in website coding design – probably has had to communicate with clients and staff to deliver the desired result. Producing designs that are aligned with a company’s brand requires a high-level understanding of what a company’s culture is all about. Awareness of company culture is usually an indicator of someone who can appreciate the value of a company’s people.

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