Different Expectations Across Generations

Yesterday we discussed some of the ways that different generations view ideas like success and the ideal workplace environment. Today we’ll look at six more hotly debated areas of workforce culture.

  • On mobile usage. High school students (66%) are more likely than current workers (52%) to say it is okay to check one’s mobile device for work during a family activity. Workers aged 25–34 (61%) are more likely than workers aged 55 and older (43%) to agree with this statement.
  • On job-hopping. Though employers may expect younger workers to job-hop more frequently, only 16% of high school students believe one should only stay in a job for a year or two before moving on to better things (on par with 15% of current workers). Among individual age groups, however, responses were more varied, with workers aged 25–34 (22%) more likely than their older counterparts to say a worker should move on after a year or two.

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  • On career expectations. Workers across all generations seem to have similar perspectives when it comes to switching companies. Nearly one in three high school students (32%) expect that they will work for 10 or more companies in their careers, similar to 28% of workers who say the same.
  • On emoticons and e-mail. Surprisingly, high school students appear to have more conservative views on electronic communication than today’s professionals. More than one in four current workers (28%) believe it’s acceptable to use emoticons in e-mails and other electronic communication at work. Only one in five high school students (20%) say the same.
  • On meeting etiquette. It may seem as if they are constantly on their mobile devices, but only 13% of high school students agree that it is it is okay to check one’s mobile device during a work meeting, versus 21% of current workers. Workers aged 25–34 (28%) are more likely than those aged 45–54 (18%) and workers aged 55 and older (16%) to be okay with checking a mobile device during a meeting.
  • On flexible hours. It may come as a surprise that high school students (25%) were less likely than current workers (33%) to say it shouldn’t matter what time you arrive to work as long as you get your work done. Workers aged 55 and older were the least likely to say arrival time doesn’t matter (23%).

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