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Workers Actively Seeking Jobs Declines Significantly, According to New Report

With the U.S. unemployment rate standing at 5.1%—its lowest level since 2008—conventional wisdom suggests that workers would be aggressively pursuing new employment opportunities. However, a new “Global Talent Monitor” report released by CEB (a best practice insight and technology company), announced recently in a press release, indicates that the number of U.S. employed workers actively seeking new jobs in the second quarter decreased nearly 6% from the prior year.

This may be due in part to the fact that employees don’t feel particularly optimistic about their job prospects, despite what recent Randstad U.S. research suggests.

The Monitor shows that intent to stay among American workers has steadily been rising for the last three quarters and is currently at 49%. This reduced worker mobility is also having an effect on employers’ ability to recruit. In fact, the average length of time it takes to fill a job has increased. For example, filling a mobile developer vacancy grew to 55 days, compared with just 45 days in the prior-year quarter.

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