How to Clarify Leadership Potential and Growth through Natural Behavior

By Lee Ellis

Carla, a senior Human Resources vice president of a Fortune 200 company, has the challenge of evaluating the natural leadership potential of several team members. She had worked with all of them for some time, but she’s unsure about the best criteria to match the needed skills for the job with the potential candidates.

Not only does she want the person in the right role, but she needs someone that can produce results, increase productivity, and manage a cohesive team. Knowing that 62% of executive decisions are made based solely on gut feelings, she wants to make a better hiring decision by obtaining more concrete data about each candidate.

Lee Ellis, a seasoned presenter, human performance expert, and the author of Leading with Honor®: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton, travels the country sharing his harrowing account of how his 5-year experience as a POW in Vietnam helped shape his ability to lead his comrades and return home with honor.

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