Adding a Personal Touch for Improved Hiring

ManpowerGroup Solutions has released a report, “Making the Connection: Best Practices in Candidate Experience,” based on research into candidate preferences, behaviors, and motivators. The report finds one in three prospective employees wants to receive more detailed information—not only about the specific job opportunity, but about the company itself—as well as more frequent, human connection.

The report was made from a survey of more than 200 U.S. job seekers, and it reveals the importance of access to accurate and expansive information about an employer’s value proposition and the position itself. More than 35% of prospective employees also want organizations to initiate more frequent conversations in all phases of the hiring process. This includes status updates at key stages, such as completion of background checks, and even feedback on why the candidate didn’t get the position, if that is the outcome.

“Technology is turning into a hygiene factor—it’s a basic expectation. But companies don’t need the latest and greatest technology as much as they need to make sure their interactions with candidates are meaningful and considerate,” said Melissa Hassett, vice president of client delivery for ManpowerGroup Solutions’ recruitment process outsourcing. “Personal interaction and individualization of the recruiting process goes a long way toward attracting the best talent. And letting people know as soon as they’re not selected is just good manners. That’s what protects the employer brand.”

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ManpowerGroup Solutions’ research points to the importance of getting back to basics when it comes to closing the gaps on candidate preferences and experiences, and recommends implementing several candidate-centric best practices, including:

  • Automate less, talk more. Company reputations suffer when proactive candidates attempt to follow-up on their applications, only to be lost in endless voicemails.
  • Touch at the touch points. Candidates should receive calls at critical milestones of the hiring process, such as completion of background checks and drug tests.
  • Tell them when they’re out. Candidates want employers to tell them when they are out of the running—at any point along the process.
  • Referrals come first. Employee referral programs are only successful if the referrals are considered before other applicants.
  • Don’t be coy about compensation. Everything related to compensation and benefits should be spelled out as early in the process as the organization feels comfortable.
  • Use social media. Savvy companies encourage social media use by employees and don’t script or control their messaging.
  • Get out the welcome wagon. Inviting a smaller number of prescreened candidates to a hiring event satisfies their preferences for being able to present their qualifications in person.
  • Smart phones, smart candidates. While many of today’s candidates want a human connection, they also want to be able to access information and application processes directly from their smartphones.
  • The “just-in-time” candidate information delivery system. Employers interested in improving the candidate experience should ask only for the information necessary at each step in the process.

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