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Pick and Flick, but Don’t Wipe or Spit

With flu season making its approach, your company is probably beefing up by offering flu shots and telling employees to wash their hands. But are your efforts being wasted, especially when your employees are still acting like children? Recently, the Metro Planning and Design Services department for the city of Louisville, Kentucky has had to combat childlike behavior in its offices. And it’s not being picky when it comes to stopping the offensive behavior.

This isn’t the first (and will definitely not be the last) time you’ve read about gross behavior on HRSBT. A while back, the Environmental Protection Agency had trouble with its employees not using the restroom properly. While Louisville’s problem doesn’t hold a candle to that situation, it’s still rather disturbing to hear about a bunch of adults acting like toddlers.

What was so gross, you ask? Boogers, and lots of them! The booger issue was so immense that the manager had to send out an e-mail to all department staff and administrators advising them that if they “see something, say something.”

“We have recently discovered mass quantities of boogers on the two walls around the urinal in the 3rd floor men’s restroom,” the manager says. “I sincerely hope this is not a result of actions by any member of Planning and Design Services. This is obviously a very serious situation. Anybody caught doing this could face disciplinary action. We will have this area cleaned, however this is very embarrassing to our department to have this problem. Please keep a look out and let me know if you see any suspicious activity.”

A follow-up e-mail was sent by an executive administrator reminding them of the appropriate ways to dispose of boogers.

“At no point should anything that comes out of or off a person’s body be wiped/poured/spit or in any way put on any Metro-owned surface (with the exception of items commonly and appropriately flushed down toilets/urinals or rinsed down a sink drain), including surfaces in both public areas and offices,” the administrator wrote. “Anyone caught doing so will be punished fully and immediately. If you have any questions as to what constitutes an offensive substance, or if you need assistance determining an appropriate method of disposing of such substances, please see a member of management or human resources.”

Chances are, if you need someone to explain to you what an offensive substance is, you’re probably the one wiping your boogers everywhere! So far, there have been no leads as to whose nose goo is being left behind.


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