5 Ways Employers Fail with Gamification – and How to Avoid

By Tony Ventrice

Gamification—the application of game design motivational techniques to non-game situations—is going to be huge and nowhere more so than the workplace. Modern workers expect more out of their workplace relationship; they expect accelerated levels of feedback, progress and challenge. Gamification can provide all three of these by making the workplace as engaging as a game.

But there is a caveat (isn’t there always?). Gamification has the potential to become an integral layer to all employee and customer interactions, if it’s done right. Considering how difficult it is to build a hit game, it should come as no surprise that building successful Gamification is no different; there are many more ways to do it wrong than right. From small mistakes that waste your time to disasters that turn your users against you, I’ll cover the five biggest pitfalls to avoid.

Tony Ventrice is a veteran game designer with a career of applying game-design techniques to emerging markets. From mobile, to Facebook, to gamification, his successful, award-winning designs have taken him to industry leaders and innovators including Smule, Zynga, Playdom and Badgeville, the leading gamification platform.

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