Trending Recruiting Practices: Video Interviewing

In yesterday’s Advisor we learned how more than ever, companies are relying on video interviews during some portion of the hiring process. Today we’ll see what kinds of video interviewing strategies and technologies are available.

Article by Dave Imbrogno, President, ADP® National Account Services HCM


As the Internet becomes a more central part of the recruiting process—with mobile and video capabilities taking a larger role than ever before—video interviews have risen in prominence among a variety of companies. Video systems like Skype® provided early opportunities for companies to connect remote employees, and quickly expanded to include the hiring process.

Other solutions can range from an ad hoc system designed by the hiring company, one implemented in tandem with an Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider, or one offered by companies like Interview4® or Montage®.

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Many applicant tracking systems enable integration of video with a requisition or other part of the solution. To ensure that a candidate’s video is connected to his or her application and profile, organizations should work directly with the Applicant Tracking System vendor or their recruiting technology team to create a seamless process.

Building a Strategy

Being able to connect with candidates in multiple ways and on multiple platforms is increasingly important for organizations and jobseekers alike. Video interviewing is a simple but effective way not only to save your company time and money during the recruiting process but also to ensure that your candidate experience is smooth, memorable, and positive. Building a video-recruiting strategy that meets your organization’s needs while improving your employer brand will ensure your organization is able to find and identify top talent.

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