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For Compensation Plan Communication, Try Video

John Hyttinen, Senior Director of Total Rewards at payroll and business services giant ADP, needed to explain a bonus program to all employees. Before he could execute on it, he needed to identify his tactics. He started by determining guiding principles for the communication. While his own ideas would play a role, he really wanted to consider those of the employees. “First and foremost, the program needed to be communicated from the perspective of the employee, not from an HR point of view,” he said.

Hyttinen identified three overall guiding principles for the project: “We wanted to deliver engaging communications all employees could understand; to provide year-round education; and to encourage employees to take responsibility for understanding how the bonus plan works.”

“Gen Y and Gen X represent 75% of our employees. Those groups are looking for multiple information sources; they expect interactive technology, and more personalized experiences anytime, anywhere. We couldn’t quite accommodate that using PowerPoint slides.

A video platform was a natural fit. With on-demand video, says Hyttinen, employees and the company each reap rewards.

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