Combating the Midwinter Blues, Blahs, and Blechs: 3 Ways to Re-energize Employees

by Brady Wilson, cofounder of Juice Inc., a corporate training company that services organizations from Toronto to Los Angeles.)

Are your employees showing signs of the midwinter blues?

In many ways, it makes sense: the excitement of the holiday season is long gone, most people have abandoned their “get healthier/skinnier/happier” New Year’s resolutions by now, and the warmer months still seem very far away. Unfortunately, it’s this time of the year that makes the “Era of Exhaustion” we live in seem so much more prevalent.

If you are seeing some of your most engaged, committed, and promising employees simply going through the motions (instead of going above and beyond the call of duty, as they have been apt to do in the past), don’t fret: there are ways to help reinvigorate them back to their high-performing selves—by using brain science.

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