Making Mobile Recruiting Friendlier

As we learned in yesterday’s Advisor, more applicants are using their mobile devices to look for and apply to jobs. That’s great if a company has mobile friendly employment sites. But, what if they don’t? Today we’ll explore what can be done about that.

What Can Be Done?

Recently, a number of experts have provided advice on what can be done to help make sure your organization is mobile recruiting-friendly. Matt Adam, chief talent strategist at NAS Recruitment Innovation, suggests that any good job website has the following features:

  • Snackable content. Including who we are, what we do, and an invitation to “join our talent network”.
  • Automated tech. It is nice to have some form of automated technology that notifies potential candidates when jobs come up.
  • Balance. Communication is a delicate balance. You don’t want to bug potential candidates, but you do want to keep them engaged.

Susan Vitale, the chief marketing officer of iCIMS, wrote in a recent article about how the food and beverage industry in particular has received the most applications via mobile devices, followed closely by the security and hospitality industries.

Vitale suggests that in order to protect their recruitment investments and connect with best-fit talent, employers should provide a fully mobile-enabled career site experience. Members of the newest generation of workers, some of the most sought-after talent available, want to work for forward-thinking employers that provide the most current, user-friendly candidate experience. In addition, organizations can actually carve 250% from their sourcing costs simply by reducing the time it takes to complete a mobile application from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.

Vitale goes on to say that although these trends highlight just a fraction of the big picture, starting with these main solutions could jumpstart any company’s hiring strategy. By investing resources in updated recruitment practices, recruiters can more efficiently fill open positions and arm their companies with all the latest tools to succeed in this new era of talent acquisition.

But I Am Mobile Recruiting-Friendly

Sure, you might have a mobile-friendly career site, but is it candidate-oriented? Matt Adam offers six questions you should ask about your mobile access.

  1. Does your site recognize that the user is on a mobile device?
  2. Is it easy to type your URL?
  3. Do users need to pinch and zoom?
  4. Can users watch videos on your site?
  5. Can candidates conduct some sort of transaction?
  6. Can users find actual jobs easily?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No,” you might have some work left to do to ensure that your mobile career site is working at maximum effectivity.

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