Which Perks Matter to Employees? It May Depend on Their Generation

Results of Addison Group’s annual survey spotlight what really matters to employees when it comes to perks. While Silicon Valley may have proliferated the “startup culture” of bottomless coffee, game rooms, napping pods, and other extravagant benefits, respondents seemed to choose the “old standards” as their preferred benefits.

Why does this matter? “Following the recession, we’ve seen a strong candidates’ market, where companies must increasingly cater to hard-to-find talent,” said Thomas Moran, CEO, Addison Group in a press release by the staffing services company.

“Given the challenges surrounding both attracting and retaining talent, it’s crucial for management, recruitment, and HR to have an intimate understanding of what employees today want from their employers and places of work. [We] commissioned the second edition of our generational workplace survey to get to the core of just that.”

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