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2016 Global Medical Cost Increases Expected to Be 2.5X Higher than General Inflation

A new report from Aon Hewitt estimates that the average cost increases for employer-sponsored medical plans globally will be 9.1% in 2016—5.5 percentage points higher than the global average projected inflation rate of 3.6%.

Aon Hewitt’s report reflects the medical trend expectations of employer-sponsored medical plans in 90 countries based on reported data from Aon professionals, clients, and carriers represented in the portfolio of Aon medical plan business in each country.

According to Aon, projected trend rates are expected to vary significantly by region. Both Latin America and the Middle East are expected to see double-digit average medical trend rates in 2016, while Europe and North America will experience trend rates just below 6%.

Still, average trend rates for all regions are expected to exceed average regional inflation levels by at least 4 percentage points.

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