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Boomerang Employees: Coming Back Around Again

In yesterday’s Advisor, we saw how to encourage employees to come back to their former jobs. Today we’ll see what you need to look out for when it comes to “boomerang employees,” plus an infographic with the survey results from Accountemps®.

The concept of boomerang employees was explored in one of BLR’s articles written by Angela Hills, executive vice president of Cielo. Here are her tips for avoiding common problems with boomerang employees.

Avoiding Boomerang Pitfalls

Boomerang talent is not always a silver bullet. It is important for talent acquisition teams to make certain they take crucial steps in their screening process when rerecruiting former employees.

Just because an employee was a great fit for an organization does not always mean that his or her current skill set is aligned with the company’s current needs. Talent acquisition teams should thoroughly assess boomerang candidates to determine how they have grown since leaving the organization, what new skills they have acquired, and if they are a match to the organization’s current strategy and business goals.

In today’s business environment, where the average employee tenure continues to decrease and company benefits and development programs are becoming less robust, organizations must be more open-minded to the idea of engaging boomerang talent. Encouraging former talent to return to an organization is a long-term, forward-looking strategy that has the potential to strengthen the workforce and, in return, boost the bottom line.

The Accountemps Infographic on Boomerang Employeesboomerang