More Ways to Make Recruiting with Twitter a Snap

In part one of this article, we reviewed some of the reasons Twitter can be a useful tool for recruiters and then presented some tips on using Twitter effectively. Now let’s take a look at a few more Twitter tips!

Here are four more tips for recruiters using Twitter:

  1. Consider using #hashtags for more exposure. In the Twitter world, a hashtag (#) is added preceding a word or phrase to make it more easily searchable. This is especially relevant if there are industry hashtags that are relevant to your business. If you use generic tags, this will still help people find your post, even if they’re not already following you. For example, consider adding one or more of these: #hiring, #job, or #jobpost so that anyone searching for these terms can find it. Of course, these are just examples, but hashtags are a great way to gain visibility for your posts and can be a way that people find you, even if they’re not following you.
  2. Use your followers when you can. If you have an important post, you can ask your Twitter followers to retweet (share) it. This can exponentially increase your audience if enough followers help out.
  3. Twitter should be used for more than just job posts. At the heart of it, Twitter is designed to allow social interaction. Twitter can be used as a platform to let potential candidates see what your organization values. What you post about and link to can show what is important to the organization and can give people insight into the company culture. With Twitter’s short character limit and seemingly infinite stream of posts, it’s easy to lose the audience’s attention if you don’t post frequently enough. So use the opportunity to post often enough to keep the audience engaged and keep people coming to your website, which can keep your organization top of mind, even when you’re not hiring. Consider teaming up with marketing to ensure you’re not duplicating efforts on this front. (That said, some large organizations may find that an entirely separate Twitter feed for job posts is beneficial.)
  4. Consider utilizing existing recruiting networks on Twitter. As you can see from the points above, it can take a lot of time and effort to build a large Twitter audience and get a lot of exposure. Some organizations opt instead to utilize existing Twitter networks that are set up with the sole purpose of disseminating job openings. While this is a less personalized approach, it can have faster returns.

Twitter can be a useful platform for recruiters to reach a large audience of potential candidates, especially if recruiters know how to use it effectively.