Ground Rules for Workplace Friendships

By Dominique Jones, VP of Human Resources, Halogen Software

Our social interactions affect our physical and emotional health, and even have an impact on workplace productivity. Research conducted by Gallup found that those with a “best friend,” at work, are seven times more likely to be engaged in their jobs with a subsequent positive impact on workplace safety, productivity, and customer service.

But, there is a dilemma.

The same study found that to thrive, a person needs 6 hours of social interaction a day. The trouble is, today most of us spend so much time at work that we may either need to rely on the workplace as a major source of these social interactions or, alternatively, seek to touch base with friends from outside the organization during the work day by use of technology and social media. The result can be distraction from work with time spent off-task.

So, what’s the solution for having a healthy balance of social interaction and productivity in the workplace?

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