Employee Communication: The Missing Piece in The HR Technology Landscape

By Steve L. Adams, CEO of Navera

Driven by the needs of today’s tech savvy, multigenerational, and geographically distributed workforce, organizations and their HR professionals are looking for new ways to get employees the information they need—how they want it, when they want it, and where they want it.

Older technologies, such as e-mail, Intranet portals, posters and banners, and even the incredibly important town hall meeting are falling short, delivering generic information to an audience looking for increasingly personalized, real-time communications.

Further, a host of technology solutions addressing multiple HR processes have fragmented employee communications—as well as employee- and company-specific data—across multiple applications and third-party systems.

Despite the best efforts of HR professionals and HR technology vendors alike, organizations lack a comprehensive solution for employee communications, with little to fill the gap between traditional channels of communication and the demands of the new workforce.

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