How Can Stay Interviews Help Your Corporate Culture?

In yesterday’s Advisor, we took a look at how the stay interview helps keep employees working for you. Today, we’ll look at some more tips and learn how feedback from those interviews can positively influence your corporate culture.

Using the Feedback to Make Real Changes

After the interview, it’s important to have a team and plan in place to implement ideas and suggested changes that come from these discussions. As an organization, you also must show that you’re taking feedback seriously and using it to improve the workplace.
If you’re conducting these on a consistent basis, people will get used to them. And if you’re actually making improvements as a result of the feedback, employees will begin to trust the company is taking their input seriously and working to improve company issues. Managers need to be held accountable for sustaining changes that are the result of the stay interview.

Implement into Your Corporate Culture

Done right, stay interviews can be a vital part of a more comprehensive engagement and retention strategy for organizations trying to reverse the flow of departures. It is important to implement stay interviews within the first 6 months of employment and make it a constant part of the culture so you can identify what factors are influencing turnover and not letting that get ahead of you.
If you think you can wait until the exit interview to get the same information, you may be correct. However, it will be too late to leverage that data to keep the employees who provided it.