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Have You Seen Thrive Magazine?

Dear Reader,

The editors of HR Daily Advisor know how challenging it can be to find quality, pertinent information concerning the latest HR, recruiting, and leadership issues. While there are many paid services that BLR offers to get companies compliant, up to speed, and successful, we also like to provide our readers with offerings that are a little easier on the budget (sometimes as easy as free!). Among those offerings is THRIVE Magazine.

THRIVE Magazine is a free, online magazine that we release six times a year. We offer exclusive featured content from legal experts, the results of our latest research reports, commentary from our CEO, and so much more in every issue.

Our latest issue includes important, accurate, and easy to understand articles like:

  • Generational Engagement: Different Strokes for Different Folks
  • 5 Critical Steps to Successful Employment Branding
  • The Unavoidable March of Mobile Recruiting
  • Talent Matters: Retention, Engagement, and Branding Survey Results
  • And so much more.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor, and will take a look at THRIVE Magazine.


Jim Davis, Editor of THRIVE Magazine