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5 Tips to Gauge Cultural Fit During the Interview Process

By Tara Kelly, president and CEO of SPLICE Software

The workforce today is highly mobile, with the average person holding more than 10 different positions over the course of a career, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics. What makes people decide to stay at a company or seek employment elsewhere? Culture can be a major factor in the decision. And business leaders widely acknowledge that culture is a key component in an organization’s success.

Determining cultural fit is therefore a crucial part of the hiring process for businesses that want to achieve a stable workforce and consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience. There are a number of ways to assess cultural fit for prospective employees. Here are five methods that have proven highly effective in a dynamic startup to medium-sized environment:

  1. Use an expanded, diverse panel of interviewers. In some companies, a very limited number of people are involved in hiring, with just one or two conducting interviews and making decisions. This approach can be limiting as perspectives from diverse panel members can be extraordinarily valuable in determining fit.

    Workplaces today tend to be more collaborative, so it’s important to make sure everyone works well together. The best way to ensure fit is to bring more people into the process, including prospective coworkers as well as representatives from other departments.

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