Young Workers Are Uncomfortable Navigating the World of Healthcare

Working families and workers under 30 years old are the least comfortable in their personal knowledge and skills when it comes to navigating medical benefits and healthcare systems, according to a new survey. While these workers want more healthcare resources, they aren’t utilizing the tools and programs available to them due to a perceived lack of relevance and time.

These and other findings were drawn from a recent national survey conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of Accolade, an on-demand healthcare concierge for employers, health plans, and health systems. The survey of 1,536 Americans ages 18 years and older with health insurance provided insights into how consumers differ in their experience and use of healthcare benefits:

Young workers (averaging under 30 years of age) are the least comfortable with their personal knowledge and skills in navigating the healthcare system. Only 56% say they are comfortable in this ability, compared to 76% of retirees. They also report the least positive experience with their healthcare and benefits (38%) and the most hassles in navigating their care.

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