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I Said Yes! Attention Photographers: New Trend Emerging?

Anyone with a social media account knows the importance of engagement photo shoots. They let the world know that “Yes, we are in love and officially off the market.” Also, the images are great for “save the date” cards and newspaper announcements. However, a new photography trend could be emerging related to saying “yes” in a different way … job offers!

According to, Benita Abraham had recently been unemployed for several months until she found “the perfect fit”—that is, the perfect company that fit her expectations! After accepting the job offer, she quickly hit the beach—with her iPhone® in hand—to celebrate by taking a series of pictures that somewhat mock engagement-style photo shoots.

Abraham then posted the images to Facebook (FB), with the following message: “So excited to share my happy news with my FB family! I finally found my soulmate, my perfect match, my boo … I found the perfect job with a company that truly cares about its employees and one I will learn so much from.”

The woman’s sense of humor really shows in her photos! She can be seen holding a framed copy of the job offer with two chalkboard signs that read, “Will you work for me?” and “I said Yes!” Abraham also got her friends involved. One image shows her holding hands with her friend, and the caption reads, “Here’s to many mornings and evenings saving on gas together!” The same friend can be seen in a previous picture being proposed to, as in proposing to carpool together!

While it’s unclear as to what profession Abraham is working in, she definitely won’t disappoint in the creativity aspects of her new job! On behalf of HRSBT, congrats!