Tips for Setting and Monitoring Workplace Goals That Create Organizational Success

By Anita Bowness, talent management consultant, Halogen Software

Goal-setting is an effective method for aligning and improving performance at the individual and organizational level. And yet, we know that for many, the year begins with setting goals that fail to align efforts as intended.

The reason?

Many organizations have managers and employees set goals, but do not have the right processes in place to monitor and update their progress on a consistent basis. Or, worse yet, individuals don’t understand corporate objectives and why they matter to their role and the work of their team—which isn’t all that uncommon.

According to CEB research, 36 percent of employees don’t understand the strategic objectives of their organization. Consequently, employees likely don’t have a clear understanding of how their work contributes to organizational success.

Looking for alignment in setting goals

The process of setting goals can help bring clarity, alignment and shared vision across an organization. Well-written goals can also provide objective standards on which to evaluate individual and organizational performance. Here are some best-practice tips to keep in mind.