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5 Recruiting Strategies for A New Generation

By Evan H. Lesser

As recruiters begin to grapple with the influx of Millennial talent into the workforce, many are finding that their tried-and-true tactics and strategies don’t seem to be as effective as they had been for previous generations.

It’s no secret this generation has ushered in sweeping changes in the ways we communicate, socialize, work, and prioritize. Millennials are mobile, dynamic, expect instantaneous communication, and a job that aligns with their values and lifestyle.

As a result, recruiters are having to learn a new approach that speaks to Millennials in a language that they understand, and in many cases, using entirely new media to reach them. Here are five ways Millennials have changed the recruiting process, and some tips on how to adapt to meet these new demands:

1) Recognition and purpose trump compensation as incentives.

Millennials want a sense of purpose in their work, and have a strong desire to be recognized for their contributions and accomplishments. For many, that means a great job is defined by a workplace that supports their ideals and desire to make a difference in the world, not by a salary and benefits package. In fact, 83% of Millennials say they are willing to accept lower pay to work for a company with a great reputation.

That means recruiters must shift their employment branding tactics to focus on showcasing a company culture that enables employees to grow as an individual and to contribute to the greater good. Providing a flexible work environment that allows for creative pursuits, volunteer work, and a healthy work/life balance is also an important benefit that carries far more weight with Millennials than bonuses or profit sharing.

Read on for the other 4 recruiting strategies for Millennials.