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What Job Seekers Really Want: 7 Keys to Attracting and Retaining Talent Globally

By Kate Donovan, senior vice president of ManpowerGroup Solutions

According to ManpowerGroup’s 2015 Talent Shortage Survey, 38% of employers across the globe are having difficulty filling jobs. In this competitive environment, employers are at a disadvantage and must continuously search for better ways to attract and retain top talent.

In response, ManpowerGroup Solutions surveyed nearly 4,500 job seekers in five major employment markets around the world, exploring everything from how they search for jobs to what makes them seek different employment in the first place.

The research found that “type of work” is now equally as important as compensation when it comes to accepting a job. Once an employee has been hired, retaining them is just as difficult, as 37% of candidates identify themselves as “continuous candidates” (always looking for the next opportunity).

ManpowerGroup Solutions has uncovered some practical tips that companies can implement to help them better recruit and retain the best talent. These tips include a wide range of strategies, all of which place the candidate at the center of the process.

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