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Could You Imagine If the Patriots Were This Bad? And Still Got Paid!

Let’s get one thing straight: Even though I grew up in New England, I am NOT a Patriots fan. I happen to like the New York Giants, judge all you want, at least they aren’t as bad as the Los Angeles Rams (or the Cleveland Browns for that matter). With that being said, the recent termination of Rams’s Head Coach Jeff Fisher has football fans all abuzz.

Medicare recently wondered: “How poorly would the New England Patriots have to play in order for Bill Belichick to come close to Jeff Fisher’s career win percentage as a head coach?” Bleacher Report answered this question in the most depressing tweet ever. The tweet read, “Bill Belichick could go 0–16 for 6 straight years and still have a higher winning percentage than Jeff Fisher.” Patriots fans across the country would probably go into shock if this ever happened! Better yet, could you imagine keeping a poor performer on your payroll for this long?

In case you aren’t up to speed on all things football, Fisher was fired from the Rams on December 12, for poor performance. According to, “Fisher has a career head coaching record of 173–165–1 for a .512 win percentage. Belichick, whose 11–2 Patriots currently lead the AFC, has a win percentage of .669 thanks to a 232–115–0 record. His Patriots have won 10 or more games in 14 straight seasons.”

However, Patriots fans should not be rejoicing! When the worst active coach has been fired, that means there’s an opening for a new “worst active coach” and guess who that title belongs to now … Bill Belichick.

According to Pats Pulpit, “Belichick has 115 regular season losses, the most of any active head coach. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is second with 113 regular season losses, and when you factor in playoff losses (10 for Belichick, 11 for Reid), Belichick only has a one game edge so perhaps Belichick won’t be the leader by the end of the year.” Pats Pulpit adds that the reason Belichick ranks so high on this list is due to longevity, “Both Fisher and Belichick have been head coaches for 22 seasons and over that time Fisher has racked up 50 more losses. But for now, Belichick holds the crown for the most losses of all active coaches.”

Diehard football fans will recall that Fisher’s contract was recently extended at the beginning of the season and became official in early December, which doesn’t bode well for Belichick! Pats Pulpit reports that, “Belichick signed another extension in September 2013 for an unknown amount of money and an unknown amount of time and we will probably never know the details.” Patriots fans can breathe a sigh of relief though, (as of this writing) they are currently leading the AFC division with a 4-week winning streak. So, the thought of losing Belichick anytime soon should be nonexistent!